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Super application !!!

Best voice translator ever!


Great app - but needs some improvements

I just started using this app, just for voice to text *no translation, and it works great - very few typos! There does need to be some improvements: 1) It records less than 1 minute of text (it needs to be *much* longer - thats only a couple of paragraphs of an email!!) & then it abruptly ends without warning you. So, besides making the length longer, they also need to add a beep sound when it stops recording so you know its ended, especially if your multitasking & are not watching the we all do. 2) there is no way of saving your text if you have not finished & all can be easily lost! 3) theres no way to pause it if you get interrupted or need to collect your thoughts. 4) there needs to be a way to teach it your pronunciations or common words (like other voice recognition software) or allow it to save common words you use - like your family names.

Poor recognition

English UK has poor recognition. Arabic is very very poor.

Very Useful

I use this app to practice Spanish. It is very helpful for correcting my pronunciation. One item on my wish list for this app is that it would display what I am saying as I am saying it. Many other apps do that. With this app right now in order for it to display what I have said I have to press the stop button.

Wow! Congrats to the genius behind this...

Finally an app that does exactly what it says it does! I am very impressed by the fact that I can use it in French and the spelling is right. It even understands the punctuation signs verbally. What a great tool!

Pretty good app

Need to had tagalog!! Reason for my 2 stars

Very useful app

Highly recommended!


Very useful

excellent app

this is the best speech recognition that I have ever used. its just amazing


App cuts off after ~5 seconds. No controls except start and stop. Useless!


Love this app! Really like the large button. Hasnt made any mistakes yet!

Very little functionality

Captures Voice and translates but that is about all. This in itself is something but the description in the App store made it sound like there is more. No support I could find. Glad it was on a free promotion.

Great app

This is the first app I find not only for texting but to text much faster, and it picks up exactly what you say. Not like the microphone that comes with the iPhone.

Grrat App!

This is a great app. Its the most accurate one that Ive used so far. It recognizes most of the words I speak which means I dont have to make many corrections.

Great voice recognition

It is very cool how quickly it translates!!

Best speech app ever.

Absolutely love this app. It makes it so much easier to respond to text messages or emails while still doing other things. Rarely misunderstands me. I only wish it were tied to my reminders. However, I can copy what Ive dictated and paste it into my reminders. Its seriously the only app of this kind that I havent uninstalled with minutes of trying to use it.


Thats very nice application and useful one thanks with best regards

Didnt Perform

Needed this to serve as a simple dictation device for a school project in a pinch, and the app was unable to deliver. Dictation was choppy at best and simple, common words were beyond its abilities. Perhaps it works well for translation, but not English-language dictation.

It doesnt work

I purchased this app so I could capture WWII stories that my father in law experienced. Even when you speak directly into the phone it only captures a few phrases and words are sometimes jumbled. It falls far short of what it suggests it can do. Not a good voice dictation app. Dont waste your money.

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